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17-OLD TOP 10  

Favorite TOP 10 at "Project 10100" Previews

From March 5th to March 11th, 2009


Special Message

We want to thank all our Visitors and those who participated here at Project 10100 Previews to find the best projects for the good of Humanity.

We believe that in 2009, Humanity can put aside their differences and work together in order to help our planet and all its Citizens by making common Global Projects a reality.

Since November 4th, 2008, the Visitors have sent us their votes to support their favorite projects, even when there was nothing to be gained individually.

It gives us HOPE that Humanity is ready to help itself and work together and we are honored at Project 10100 Previews to be part of this great new era.


Ranking as of March 11th, 2009:                                                                                      Projects Stages:  1 = Idea

                                                                                                                                                                                    2 = Started 



1- Free College - Idea from USA                              
2009.03.11     Ranking = 5
Stage 1

2- Rooftops Wind Turbine - Idea from USA

  2009.03.11     Ranking = 4                  
Stage 1: www.youtube.com  

3-  Industrial Chimney Pollutants Filter -  Idea from Serbia
  2009.03.11   Ranking = *3rd Place*                        
Stage 1:  www.milos-stankovic.com



4- Reduce CO2 Emissions and Global Warming -  Idea from USA
 2009.03.11    Ranking = 7
Stage 1: BerkeleyPhysicsUniversity

5- Post a Plan World Community -  Idea from USA            
  2009.03.11     Ranking = 8            
Stage 1

6- Solar Train - Idea from Argentina
2009.03.11     Ranking = 6           
Stage 1: www.solartaxi.com   

7- Building Escape Ladder - Idea from Vietnam
  2009.03.11  Ranking = *2nd Place*        
Stage 2: www.toangia.com

8- Kitchen Soup Charity Project -  Idea from Ireland
2009.03.11    Ranking = 9                        
Stage 1


9- Household Wind Turbine  -  Idea from USA                
2009.03.11  Ranking = *First Place*           
Stage 1: SeattleTimesArticle

10- Help the Homeless
-  Idea from USA   
  2009.03.11     Ranking = 10                      
Stage 1

We Thank all the Global Voters

Voting for your Favorite Projects has given them the International Ranking and Exposure they Deserve.

Although Voting has ended on July 10th 2009, You can still view them in the 37 Old-Top 10 Lists.

These Ideas will Remain Available to the World to be Discovered and to be Concretized on a Global Scale for the Good of us all on Earth.

Some of the Ideas have already been Implemented or will Soon be, other Ideas still need Research.    

Project10100Previews has grown into an International Green Social Space and we encourage you to continue to visit our site to keep it alive and useful to the World Community.