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2-OLD TOP 10 

Top 10 Favorite "Projects 10100" Previews

from November 15th to November 26th2008


Final ranking as of November 26th 2008

1-  Industrial Chimney Pollutants Filter

   Idea from Serbia -  *Ranking 1*


 2- Human Generated Electricity
   Idea from USA -  **Ranking 2**    

3- Sleeping-bags for Homeless made with recycled materials

   Idea from Colombia -   Ranking 0 (0 vote)

4- In-road Car's Energy Collector

   Idea from USA -          Ranking 0 (no vote)


5-  Drinking Water Waste Free/Build Device

   Idea from Canada -    Ranking 4

The idea is to build and distribute a "household waste treatment device" to keep our drinking water waste free. 
We have the technology to build a "Large Hadron Collider" to recreate the aftermath of the "Big Bang".

It should be easier for humans to stop dumping wastes, pollutants and toxic matters in their drinking water.

Let's build the device and eliminate all toilet bowls in the world.

Let's use the profits to find water where there is none.

Let's have an economic revival as well as protecting our 1% drinking water for our 6,7 billion citizens of the earth.  
This is a written project/ no video available.           




6-  Buildings Escape Ladder

   Idea from Vietnam -  ***Ranking 3***

7-  World Volunteer and Donation Website

   Idea from United Kingdom - Ranking 5


8-  Social Network for Children

   Idea from India -  Ranking 0 (0 vote)


9-  Internet Print-Out Knowledge by Mail

   Idea from Hungary -  Ranking 0 (0 vote)

10-  Fund World Teachers

   Idea from Switzerland - Ranking 0 (0 vote)
  Stage 2: www.activevoice.bz

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