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34-OLD TOP 10  

Favorite TOP 10 "Project 10100" Previews

From June 16th to June 21st, 2009


Ranking as of June 21st, 2009:                                                                                Projects Stages:  1 = Idea

                                                                                                                                                                            2 = Started 


1- Empowering Children - Idea from Unknown Country                             
  2009.06.21  Ranking = 9         
Stage 1 

2- Educate One - Idea from USA
  2009.06.21  Ranking = 6              
Stage 2: 

3- MagDrive Engine  -  Idea from USA
  2009.06.21  Ranking = 7 
Stage 1: 

4- Goods and Services for Volonteers -  Idea from USA
  2009.06.21  Ranking = 5
Stage 1


5- High Tech Sail Solutions -  Idea from USA
  2009.06.21  Ranking = 0 Vote
Stage 1: www.YouTube.com

6- Industrial Pollutants Chimney Filter -  Idea from Serbia
  2009.06.21  Ranking = *2nd Place*           
Stage 1:

7- Building Escape Ladder - Idea from Vietnam
2009.06.21  Ranking = *3rd Place*          
Stage 2: www.Toangia.com

8- Colalife Medication Distribution in Africa -  Idea from United-Kingdom
  2009.06.21  Ranking = *First Place*  
Stage 2: ColalifeFacebookGroup
  First Place on Yoosk List

Mr Simon Berry and KBE Bob Geldof at G20: www.youtube.com 
is considering using Colalife     : www.ColaLife.org


9- Household Wind Turbine  -  Idea from USA                
  2009.06.21  Ranking = 4              
Stage 1: SeattleTimesArticle

10- Help People, Children and Pets - Idea from Brazil
  2009.06.21  Ranking = 8                            
Stage 1

*Project in Portuguese*

See Below for English Translation (Source: Google Translation Tool).

"The project would be a foundation based on three (3) pillars of assistance: home - help the animals - children from access to technology. But as the technology will help the project? You enter where the originality of the project.

Will develop a complete portal, full of information, and will include a system for managing Internet for donations, donors can choose which area or to donate, and each donation will receive a unique code, and through this unique code, the donor can see was used in the donation, you can see images of notes and photos of purchases for delivery of gifts, which will be stored in a database that will be available in the portal.

The donor will have many resources for verification of your donation in the system's foundation, as he has to check his own bank account, because that's the idea.

When someone donates something, you never know if the donation was actually used, and if it was used, is not that way. This system will revolutionize everything, because the intention is a totally safe and transparent, ie it is as if the person was doing that gesture, but without worrying about the logistics or other concerns, and best: a person has sure that your donation is well used.

But that is only part of the project, because this part is about donations to the project to become self-sustaining after the initial investment. The project will take the concept of cells, because in
every city, there are people with the same desire to do something to change the world, with a central unit to manage the handling financial and logistic resources. The intention is the project spread from city to city, from heart to heart.

The idea addresses three (3) pillars of assistance:

1) home, it is not fair that people get a better age, have to worry about food, hygiene materials and accounts of your home (asylum), and home can not close because of these problems.

2) help the animals, in all cities, there are people who are concerned with caring for abandoned animals and usually can not help to maintain it. The project aims to help these people to pay only to take care of animals, without worrying about feed and veterinary expenses.

3) access of children to technology, this involves the preparation of children for the labor market and future. Giving children the opportunity for technological learning, they may begin to approach the future,
gaining an opportunity to improve their lives. "

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Good News from Google

On March 24th, 2009, Google has taken a new step in helping Humanity by featuring organizations on their homepage to give them a great exposure to ensure a better help response from people all around the Globe.

Congratulations Google!  You lead the way!           

To submit an Idea or a Project to Google visit them at:
www.google.com or write to them at: proposals@Google.com