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Visitors requested to bring back these projects from our Old Top 10

In order to be back in our "Top 10" they need to be chosen again by at least 50 Visitors

"Bring 1 Back" was Disabled on July 10th 2009


1- From: 

Project #1              

Emergency Temporary Shelter Kit -  Idea from USA 

(Missed: 41 Visitor's requests)


2- From:

Project #8              

Solar-panels Water Pump -  Idea from USA  

(Missed: 8 Visitor's requests)

3- From:

Project #10            

Fund World Teachers -  Idea from Switzerland  

(Missed: 47 Visitor's requests)


Projects #7             

Recycle Plastic Bags into

Roof-Garden Plant Growers -  Idea from Portugal  

(Missed: 32 Visitor's requests)


5- From: 

 Project #7                       


Pet Robot for the Elderly -  Idea from Japan  

(Missed: 11 Visitor's requests)


6b- From: 

 Project #5                       


Edible Plant and Water Purifier -  Idea from Guatemala  
(Missed: 34 Visitor's requests)

7- From: 

 Project #4                       


Self Heating Eco-House -  Idea from Serbia  
(Missed: 42 Visitor's requests)


How does "Bring 1 Back" works?

If you see a project in one of the "Old TOP 10" lists and you didn't have a chance to vote to support  this project, you can request that this project be put on our "Bring 1 Back" Page, using the "Bring 1 Back" button or just e-mail us your request with your vote.

A project that has been featured in one of the "Old TOP 10" lists, can only be brought back once.

When a project is in the "Bring 1 Back" list, it needs to be chosen by at least 50 Visitors, using the "Choose" button,  in order to be back in the "TOP 10" again. 




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