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For the Love of Earth
and all Life that lives on it.

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Why Go Green Ever?

We humans, all live on the same rock floating in space; every country lives under our ozone layer.

To survive,  we at least need drinking water, clean air, food and a warm place to stay.


18 reasons to start changing our daily choices as individuals, to help stop polluting our planet:

1- 50% of us will develop a cancer in their lifetime; CANCER is on the rise and more deadly that ever

                                             For Global Cancer Facts and Figures 2007 go to: www.cancer.org

2- Asthma and chronic pulmonary diseases are affecting more and more people including babies

3- Fertility problems are also a growing phenomenon

4- There is only 1% of fresh drinking water on our planet for the 6,7 billion citizens of the earth

5- 1,5 billion people do not have access to clean diseases free drinking water 

6- It takes water to grow food for all of us

7- Without water; there is no life

8- Because of human pollution, worldwide; we are killing our wildlife and harming ourselves

9- The bees are dying on a global scale; who is going to fertilize our fruits and vegetables if they
disappear?  How long would it take to do it manually and how much would it cost; the bees do it for free

                                             "Silence of the Bees" : TheNewYorkTimes  Article by Susan Stewart

10- We are using harmful chemicals in our daily products without even being conscious of this fact

11- When we are using any kind of chemicals it is harmful to us, to our children and to our environment

12- Any personal care or household cleaning products that we use, end up in our 1% drinking water

13- We are putting waste and chemicals in our drinking water; there are no "safe chemicals"

                                                                           EWG.ORG/Chemical Index

14- There is a food shortage on earth, many people die of horrible deaths because of food deprivation

15- There is a global economic crisis, let's choose green an have an economic revival at the same time

16- Global warming is increasing and causing irreversible damages to our ecosystem

17- Because of Global Warming, the earth is not spining as fast...so we added another second!

      On December 31st,  2008 at Midnight it was 11:59:59 !

18- We are part of our planet's ecosystem too and we are its main source of pollution; let's Go Green Ever!


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For the Love of Earth and all Life that Lives on it.


Green Clean Eco-Friendly Cars

Cars are a great source of pollution and CO2 emissions which contributes to our planet's global warming 

Visit our Green Electric Cars Section for more informations on how you can make a difference.



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