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High Speed ECars

"Project 10100" Previews


High-Speed Electric Cars (No compromises)

1- Tesla Roadster
Product from USA

This Electric Sports Car Speeds up to 125 miles per hour (208 km/h).
Accelerates from 0 to 60 miles in under 4 seconds.
Equiped with Lithium-Ion Battery that can be recycled.
It is 100% electric and has an autonomy of  220 miles ( 366 km) on a full charge of 3,5 hours.
Equiped with "Regenerative Breaking"  that recovers and stores the Energy for a longer Drive.
Comes with heated seats and many more nice features, options and accessories.


2- TH!NK Electric Car
Product from Norway

Equiped with Lithium or Sodium Based Batteries on option.
Zero CO2 Emissions.
Speeds up to 60 miles per hour ( 100 km/ph).
It is 100% electric and Charges on a "Standard Electric Socket".
It has an Autonomy of  a minimum of 102 miles (170 km) per full maximum charge of 13 hours
depending on the Battery option and the Heater consumption.