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and all Life that lives on it.

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What is a Project Granter?

At Project 10100 Previews, we believe that the citizens of the world have the power to help themselves by collaborating together and taking action in common projects that benefits them and fellow citizens.

Raising awareness about specific challenges and suggested solutions for the citizens of the earth, creating projects 10^100, donating time or money or just supporting a call for help in a project, are some of the ways that people can participate together for the common good.

In these "Social Media" days,  examples of the help you can provide online takes the form of voting for a favorite project or charity, of clicking to donate, of registering or by simply writing an online comment  to show your support and interest for a particular project in order to have other people or organizations donating money to help this project.

We can all become "Project Granters" , i
n the end, it's about participating together in helping others that need it the most, for the soul purpose of the good of us all.

If there is a project on that site that you would like to help, please contact them directly.

We are grateful to our visitors for their ongoing support.

Thank you!