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Why do we help these projects?

"The best of ideas will never be realized if they stay in their creator's closets or coffee tables."  M Dunn  

Unfortunately, creators are often not in a position to economically implement their own ideas and a lot of precious inventions are forever lost.

Here at Project 10100 Previews, we are taking these great green global projects out of the shadow and propulsing them in plain international view

Our Mission

Our main mission with this website and our 3top.mobi mobile site, is to search and find the best ideas that can help the most people on earth.

We are also promoting them in an effort to have them known to as many people as possible, in hopes that the International Community will participate together to search and implement common global projects and ideas in order to help the most citizens of the earth as we possibly can.

Success Story

Mr Milos Stankovic

We are proud to announce to our visitors, that our efforts and your votes,  are helping a young 24 years old engineer in science, attract media attention in his own country and abroad to help him promote his projects 10100 inventions.

We present to you, the creator of the project  "Industrial Pollutants Chimney Filter":

Mr Milos Stankovic, engineer in science and inventor of environmental protection devices.

Mr Stankovic's scientific work has been praised since 2002, when he was only 18 years old.
Since then, he has won many awards for his work that has been recognized by the scientific community and his peers.

We hope that Mr Stankovic who is now a public figure in Serbia, will also receive help to implement his projects. 

Mr Stankovic now has his own website at:
www.Milos-Stankovic.com ,  where you can read more about his achievements.


*Milos Stankovic has won the Serbia Visa Contest in Science: www.Superste.net (Page in Serbian).

Congratulations to a rising Scientist, Mr Milos Stankovic.


*Good News:
Milos Stankovic has informed us that the international exposure he got from Project 10100 Previews has resulted in several investors offers to finalize his environmentally friendly inventions.

Project 10100 Previews is proud to have been of help to this brilliant scientist's journey, his success encourages us to pursue our Mission. 

Dear Visitors, keep on participating, your support is indeed making a difference!



Mr Khanh Le Quoc

We present to you, the creator of the project "Building Escape Ladder":

Mr Khanh Le Quoc has received numerous Technology and Science Awards for his invention.

In many cities of the World, a lot of citizens live in apartment buildings that are very hard to escape from in case of emergencies. 

The "Building Escape Ladder" was invented to offer an escape option for those who live in tall buildings and hopefully save lives.


Picture: Mr Khahn Le Quoc - copyright - all rights reserved

You can read more about this project at:

Mr Simon Berry

We present to you the creator of the project: "Colalife Medication Distribution in Africa".

Mr Berry has worked relentlessly for years in finding the way to implement his idea and help save lives.

Finally, after enormous work and efforts, he convinced Coca-Cola
to give it a try.

You can read all about The Colalife project at: Colalife.org


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