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Project 10100 Previews "All for Good" Info Page 

What is "All for Good"?

Upon President's Obama call for more actions towards people volonteering to help each other and make our communities better, Google and a group of non-profits, got together to create: "All for Good".

For the time being, this service is only available in the USA, we will keep our Visitors informed if  this  organization goes Global.

Project 10100 Previews is proud to support: "All for Good" and encourage you to:
 "Serve United towards Good".


Here to present "United We Serve" is The First Lady of the United-States of America,
the honorable Michelle Obama:

  For more information about  "All for Good", go to: Serve.Gov
Google's "All for Good" Widget

Browse to find a Volonteer Opportunity to help your Community.

This free advertising service was put in place in an effort to have as much people as we can to "Chip in" these featured Good Causes.

We are not associated in any way with "All for Good" or the featured Charitable Organizations and we do not accept direct donations.

For more information about these Featured Good Causes, please contact them directly.

Visitors,  please do come back often to this page to use the "All for Good" Widget.

You will help increase our International traffic from your Visits which is Essential in having a Global Collaboration towards helping the more Citizens of the World as we possibly can.

"Because, at the end of a Good Cause Mission, awaits a hopeful person in need of your help."

"Serve United People!" Thank you for all of them! Dunn4good

For any information on this service, contact us at: