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For the Love of Earth
and all Life that lives on it.

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Help the hopeful in the world; think Global!   


Help Fight Poverty

Edun's Equitable Clothing: www.edunonline.com

One: www.one.org

Oprah's Angel Network: www.oprahsangelnetwork.org

United Nations World Food Programme: www.wfp.org

Help Find Water

H20 Africa: www.H20africa.org

One Drop Foundation: www.onedrop.org

Help Protect our Environment

Greenpeace International : www.greenpeace.org

The Prince's Rainforests Project: www.rainforestSOS.org

Help Save Lives and Give Relief in Disasters

Doctors Without Borders: www.doctorswithoutborders.org

Redcross International: www.redcross.org 


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