Welcome to Project 10100 Previews
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Welcome to our TOP 10 "Project 10100" Previews

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Projects  in Ranking Order:                                                                                       Projects Stages:  1 = Idea

                                                                                                                                                                            2 = Started 


1- Industrial Pollutants Chimney Filter -  Idea from Serbia

   Global Ranking = 1         
Stage 1: www.Milos-Stankovic.com

2- Building Escape Ladder - Idea from Vietnam
  Global Ranking = 2           
Stage 2: www.Toangia.com

3- Colalife Medication Distribution in Africa -  Idea from United-Kingdom
  Global Ranking = 3   
Stage 2: www.ColaLife.org

4- Household Wind Turbine - Idea from USA                             
   Global Ranking = 4         
Stage 1: Seattletimes.nwsource.com 

5- Water Saving Device - Idea from Germany
   Global Ranking = 5          
Stage 1

6- Solar Desalination Watercone ® -  Idea from Germany
   Global Ranking = 6  
Stage 2: www.WaterCone.com

7- Green Construction Material -  Idea from USA
   Global  Ranking = 7
Stage 2: www.SuperHoneyComb.com


8- Human Generated Electricity -  Idea from USA
   Global Ranking = 8
Stage 1


9- Plug-In Network for Electric Cars -  Idea from USA                 
   Global Ranking = 9           
Stage 2:  www.PluginOlympia.com

10- Cure Cancer - Idea from Chile
   Global Ranking = 10                           
Stage 1


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Since November 4th 2008 and for the following 8 months, we featured our Favorite "Projects 10100".

Voting for your Favorite Projects has given them the International Ranking and Exposure they Deserve.

Although Voting has ended on July 10th 2009, You can still view them in the 37 Old-Top 10 Lists.

These Ideas will Remain Available to the World to be Discovered and to be Concretized on a Global Scale for the Good of us all on Earth.

Some of the Ideas have already been Implemented or will Soon be, other Ideas still need Research.    

Dear Global Visitors, we are grateful for your selfless constant participation and support without which
Project10100Previews would not have been possible.

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We also want to Mention the exceptional Dedicated Work of 3 Outstanding Citizens of our World:

1- Mr Milos Stankovic
Project: Industrial Pollutants Chimney Filter

2- Mr Khanh Le Quoc
Project: Building Escape Ladder

3- Mr Simon Berry
Project: Colalife Medication Distribution in Africa 

Finally, Grateful Thanks to Google.org, Google.com and Youtube.com for Sparking this International Interest for the good of us all and may the World succeeds in its Journey Towards Global Collaboration.  

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